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Announcement Title * Clarification to the article in the Straits Times dated 26 April 2005  
We refer to the article in the Straits Times dated 26 April 2005. As a matter of clarification, our Managing Director Richard Tay has set a personal vision for the Group to become the world's biggest after-market rim producer. Currently, the articles also states that YHI manufactures about 1.2 million pieces of alloy wheels per year, which contributes to 30 percent to turnover and 44 percent to after-tax profits, which is disclosed on pages 14 and 15 of our 2004 Annual Report. The Company wishes to clarify that our Managing Director Richard Tay's statement that "...YHI's production surge to three million alloy rims by 2010." is only a personal vision and performance target which he has set for the Group based on the maximum potential production capacity, and is not intended to be a profit forecast or an indication of the future financial performance of the Group.  


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